The Best Dog And Puppy Indoor Playpens

You love your dog, but that doesn’t mean you trust him. From jumping on couches to scuffing up floors and licking plates clean, it’s hard to keep pets under control. But, in the dead of winter, summer, or a rainstorm, it’s not realistic to send your pup outside to play. With an indoor playpen, your dog has space to roam, play, eat, and sleep (and for those times when you need a crate, check out our reviews of the best small dog crates and the best large dog crates.)

The best dog and puppy indoor playpens are versatile, offering attachments, removable doors, and lightweight, durable materials. We reviewed dozens of dog and puppy indoor playpens to identify the best of the best. From quality to portability, size, and cost, these trusted, top-notch playpens will help you keep your sanity and keep your puppy happy.