Bespoke Paws believes in being mindful of all decisions in the process of creation. 

We believe by only using natural materials, it minimizes the carbon imprint on earth, and may later return back to earth.  Polyester, acrylic, and synthetic materials cause extreme environmental damage, and cannot be disposed of properly therefore, try to avoid its use as best we can in any of our products, unless of recycled materials.  

We strive to improve the overall global landscape for all inhabitants on earth: humans, animals, sea life, etc.

Creating this mindset, we also believe in animal welfare, and in contributing to this awareness.

Bespoke Paws is committed to bringing global awareness to the benefits of pet adoption, and rescuing by donating $2 from each sweater sold to non-profit organizations helping to find homes for homeless animals.

We are founded in creating timeless designs, quality products for all pets, with a philanthropic mission.